Up, Up, and Away!

Tired of stress eating your peace away one bite at a time? Well, get ready to release that stress and let your dreams fly high during these hot days and warm nights with your own beautiful hot air balloon!

Made from recycled books that were headed for the book graveyard, this hot air balloon gives rise to many more years of life for these once doomed books, while also giving you years of viewing pleasure and a gentle reminder that nothing is ever wasted.

This can be customized to any color scheme or idea that you might have with a simple message with your ideas, and we guarantee your satisfaction with your unique design, or we will refund your purchase.

Hurry up and hit the “buy button” before someone else floats up and flies away with this beautiful hot air balloon today! (display stand not included!)

Author: OceanViewsandBookReviews!

An Emergency RN that has started a small bookstore, provides book reviews and shares just a little of life learned as an RN in Emergency and Trauma settings. My views are my own. Readers beware, I am an emergency and trauma nurse. Sometimes I cuss, and sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words...so sometimes I share pictures that are graphic. You have been warned. Now that I am in a transition, I have started to assist my daughter in her art quest. Come look at her site, see what creativity flows from down in the rabbit hole..... WELCOME TO THE MADNESS! https://www.etsy.com/shop/FallingInPaints

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